Civil and Environmental Engineering
Middlesex University (Mauritius Branch Campus)

Faculty Host: Debbie Neiemeier
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Dr. Girish Bekaroo, is a Senior Lecturer in Computing at Middlesex University (Mauritius Branch Campus). He completed his PhD in Green ICT at the University of Technology Mauritius in 2016 and obtained a distinction in MSc Internet Computing at the University of Hull in 2009 where he was also a state scholar (Mauritius). Girish is a strong proponent of Green ICT and has been the principal investigator of funded research projects involving the use of innovative technologies to reduce carbon footprint of businesses and individuals. He is also the author of different research articles and is a reviewer in journals of impact. His research interests include sustainable computing, renewable energy technologies, Internet of Things, augmented and virtual reality. The purpose of his visit is to collaborate towards devising a technology assisted framework to guide drivers in decarbonizing the transport sector of Mauritius.

Last updated: 2017

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