Funding Resources for International Students

The UC Davis Financial Aid Office is the primary source of information on financial resource to support your educational goals. Listed below is a summary of available financial support for international students.

Fellowships, Scholarships and Grants

If you are an international student in search of funding, you may be eligible for fellowships, scholarships or grants. UC Davis students are awarded several types of scholarships, including those administered by the campus, the University of California, and outside agency/private organizations.

Please visit the UC Davis Financial Aid Office for more information. 

Graduate Student Funding

Financial support for graduate study at UC Davis is available in several forms: teaching and research assistantships; financial aid; and fellowships. There are different procedures for applying for each type of financial assistance. It is essential that you apply as early as possible for financial support.

Please visit the Office of Graduate Studies for more information

Research and Teaching Assistantships

You may apply for research and/or teaching assistantships through your academic department.

Financial Aid

Financial Aid is not available for students with F1 or F2 Student Visas, J1 or J2 Exchange Visitor Visas, or G Series Visas. To be eligible to receive need-based federal, state, or university funding you must be a U.S. citizen or eligible noncitizen.


International students may also be eligible for alternative loans through a private lender. The Graduate Financial Aid Office recommends that you research available loan products to determine which one best meets your needs. To assist you in this effort, a comparison resource is available online at Private and Alternative Loans.