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Global learning at UC Davis is a combination of local, regional, national, and international experiences through which students develops key skills, knowledge, and networks that help build global awareness, engage global diversity, and pursue collaborative and equitable global action.

UC Davis is embarking on an ambitious goal: to provide all students—undergraduate, graduate, and professional—with international and intercultural learning experiences before graduation. To help this vision of Global Education for All become a reality, Global Affairs created a Global Learning Hub, which builds on existing resources within Global Affairs such as programs through Study Abroad, Global Internships and Research, Global Community Engagement, and Global Leadership and Skills.

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Through the Global Learning Hub, each and every UC Davis student can find global learning opportunities available on campus, in the region, and across all seven continents. The hub’s network of local and global academic, experiential, and leadership programs helps develop capacity for undergraduate, graduate, and professional students to engage with global issues and make a difference in the world as the next generation of global problem solvers. 

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Visit the Global Learning Hub People Directory to find the full Global Learning Hub staff listing. The main offices for the Global Learning Hub are located on the first floor of the UC Davis International Center in Davis. 

For specific information related to global learning opportunities available on campus, in the region, virtually and internationally, and to find out more about programs, and events, visit the Global Learning Hub website.

Phone: (530) 752-5763

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