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Manager of Wildlife Department in the National Kandawgyi Gardens

  • Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program
  • 2005-06
  • Myanmar (Burma)

Mr. Aung Myo Chit holds a degree in Computer Science from the University of Computer Studies, Yangon, Myanmar. He received a Master’s degree in Physics at the University of Yangon, Myanmar. Expanding his expertise, he worked with National Geographic Television for five years and produced two documentaries entitled “Elephant Power” and “Burma’s Gypsies of Sea”. He is currently working as a Manager of Wildlife Department in the National Kandawgyi Gardens where his responsibilities include capacity building, staff training, animal nutrition and care, as well as plant selection and landscaping. He also serves as the Manager for Eco-tour Programs for Woodland Travels. In this position, he designs tour programs for remote areas, forest preserves, and ecological systems. As a Humphrey Fellow, Mr. Chit will broaden his knowledge and skill in the field of Natural Resources and Environmental Management with a focus on project evaluation, management and design. He would also like to improve his professional skills in the field of diving, ornithology and tree identification.

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