Natural Resources, Environmental Policy, and Climate Change

Hossein Babazadeh is an academic member of the Science and Research branch at the Islamic Azad University (IAU), Islamic Republic of Iran, with an emphasis on agricultural water sciences. He completed his graduate and post-graduate work at the University of Tehran and his docotrate at the Science and Research branch of IAU. He has been teaching and researching for over 15 years with commendations for his commitment to teaching excellence. He has also contributed to his field by writing numerous articles for national and international journals and being a supervisor and adviser of MSc. and Ph.D. students in water sciences. In addition to his work at IAU, he has consulted on many water projects as a water resources planner, modeler, and project manager, especially in water resources development, allocation projects, and policies.

Mr. Babazadeh was chosen to participate in the Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program in the field of Natural Resources, Environmental Policy, and Climate Change and hopes this experience will help him re-envision his future work in research, project management, and education. Mr. Babazadeh further hopes that the professional experience of exchange with scientists in the U.S. can help him and his country to mitigate water problems in Iran.

Available for:

  • Speaking on a technical topic (water scarcity in Iran)
  • Speaking on a cultural topic
  • Formal classroom visit
  • Meeting with student groups
  • Meeting with individual professors/ researchers

Last updated: 2018

Associate Professor of Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University

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