Khatia Basilashvili smiles in a 2021 headshot. Her long dark hair is pushed back and she wears a white blazer with a black blouse.
Natural Resources, Environmental and Climate Policy


About Khatia Basilashvili

Khatia Basilashvili received her master’s degree in ecology from Ilia State University and has more than seven years of experience in the field of wildlife conservation. After graduating she worked as a research scientist at Tbilisi Zoo and worked on various projects, from species action plan to reintroduction programs. In 2014, Ms. Basilashvili visited Durrell Conservation Academy as a student. This course was designed to equip conservation professionals with a complete range of skills to maximize their effectiveness at managing or participating in conservation projects. She learned the latest theories and practices of endangered species recovery and gained a wide variety of skills such as population monitoring techniques, field sample collection, and practical GIS skills, which she successfully implemented at Tbilisi Zoo.

Currently, Ms. Basilashvili is interested in the conservation of endangered species, biodiversity monitoring with different techniques, and landscape restoration.

In the last two years, as a conservation research manager at Society for Nature Conservation, she participated in more than five projects related to nature conservation. At the same time, she established a non-governmental (NGO) conservation organization, which is directly focused on biodiversity research and conservation. During the first research studies, they were able to prove the distribution of west Caucasian mountain tur in a previously unknown area.

For her yearlong Humphrey Fellowship at the University of California, Davis, her major area of interest is wildlife conservation. Ms. Basilashvili plans to focus on ways to improve management skills of large conservation projects, understand different research techniques, observe NGO participation in U.S. state policymaking, while also learning more about how conservation works in America. In addition, she would like to enchase her skills in scientific writing and leadership.

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Available for:

  • Talking about wildlife conservation work in Georgia
  • Discussing conservation
  • Meetings with researchers and students
  • Visiting various project sites and national parks

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