Humphrey Portrait

Rice Breeder and Team Leader at Rwanda Agricultural Research Institute

  • Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program
  • 2006-07
  • Rwanda

Mr. Elie Rene Gasore received his Master’s Degree (2000) in Applied Plant Genetics from Birmingham University (England) and a Bachelor Degree (1995) in General Agriculture from the University of Burundi. He has served for ISAR as a Scientist since August 1995. For the last five years, he has worked as Rice Breeder and Rice Programme Team Leader at ISAR. His responsibility is to coordinate rice germplasm enhancement, testing and improved variety release in various rice ecosystems. He also supervises foundation seed production, training of rice cooperatives, technology transfer, partnership and resource mobilization and publication. In addition, he oversees research and technology dissemination activities of colleague scientists working on soil fertility management, water management, production economics, consumers’ studies and post harvest operations. He would like to focus his training on integrated rice crop management, specifically the management of major rice diseases.

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