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Dr. Labidi holds a Ph D in Chemical Engineering from the University of Technology of Compiegne, France, where she lectured and did research for two years. She currently heads a department in the Environmental Protection Agency in Tunisia. She is responsible for the Assessment of Environmental Impact studies for industrial projects and also for project monitoring and control. Dr. Labidi is also an External Auditor and a Technical Expert with the German organization TÜV CERT in ISO 14001. The Humphrey Fellowship Program, along with work experience with American institutions or international organizations, will enable her to enhance her capacity to assess environmental issues, especially in the hazardous waste and recycling fields, and to gain insight in the application of upto-date technologies used to solve ecological issues. She will attend seminars and workshops related to environmental management. She would like to establish professional contact with American companies to establish professional partnerships.

Last updated: 2005

Chief of Department for the Environmental Protection Agency in Tunisia

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