Seungdeok stands inside with the windows of the International Center behind him.

About Seungdeok Jin

Country: South Korea

Pronouns: he/him

Seungdeok Jin has a bachelor’s degree in chemical and biological engineering from Seoul National University, Korea. He worked for the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy for 10 years as a deputy director. During his career, he worked in various fields including electric power, machinery industry, trade promotion and domestic policy on trade. He participated in building the nation’s short and long-term strategies in those areas. He planned a short-term strategy to respond to the electric power unbalance, future strategies for the Korean machinery industry, and export promotion programs for manufacturers and small-medium enterprises.

With his experience in energy and industry, he is now focusing on future energy, especially hydrogen energy, which will be a key factor in achieving carbon neutrality. The Korean government is considering hydrogen energy not only as an energy solution but also industrial and economic development engine. As a Humphrey fellow, he will study the hydrogen energy policy of the U.S. and the direction of hydrogen energy development. He will research ways to cooperate between the U.S. and Korea to build a hydrogen economy.

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Available to speak on the following topics:

  • Korean government's plans for South Korean Industry
  • Korean government's strategy to promote South Korean SMEs trade
  • Hydrogen economy policy for carbon-neutral South Korea 

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