Humphrey Portrait

Senior National Program Coordinator for the Department of Agriculture in Syria

  • Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program
  • 2006-07
  • Syria

Mr. Rahmoun graduated from Damascus University in 1980 as an Agronomist. He received his Master’s Degree in Agricultural Economy, and his Ph.D. in farming systems from the University of Aleppo, Syria. He worked for seventeen years at the Agricultural Scientific Research Directorate (ASS RD) as a cross breeder and also as the Head of the Crops Department. He joined ICARDA for two years while studying for his Master’s Degree. Mr. Rahmoun taught for ten years at various agricultural institutes. He currently works as the Deputy of Qualification and Training Department in the Agricultural Directorate in Homs Province since 2002. He has worked on many projects with ICARDA, SYMMIT, ICRISAT and MASHREQ MAGREB Project. Mr. Rahmoun has also worked as a socio-economist on a rural development project in Syria. He has attended many international conferences and published many papers. As a Humphrey Fellow, Mr. Rahmoun would like to learn about human and natural resource management, and also focus on international agricultural development and marketing

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