Jose Palma smiles in this 2021 headshot. His salt and pepper hair is styled back and he has a short beard. He wears a navy blazer with a light blue pattered collared shirt open at the collar.
Natural Resources, Environmental and Climate Policy


About José Palma

José Palma is passionate about climate change, biodiversity protection, and sustainable development. He is a lawyer from the University of Chile and holds a master's degree in public policy and administration from the London School of Economics and Political Science, with a special emphasis on climate change. Mr. Palma is the founder of the Latin American Climate Action Network, a non-profit association promoting climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies in the region. The network was created in the context of COP25 in Chile and currently has more than 30 member organizations.

Recently, Mr. Palma put his main focus on conservation and restoration issues, undertaking a project for a network of protected areas in South America called Anukwe, in order to stimulate the development of nature reserves, hand in hand with local communities, companies, and stakeholders.

As a 2021-2022 Humphrey fellow, Mr. Palma's professional and research interests include biodiversity conservation and forest restoration. Additionally, he is interested in learning about best practices and experiences in managing protected areas.

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Available for:

  • Share his story about green entrepreneurship in South America.
  • Meetings with peers and student groups
  • Visits to parks and protected areas.
  • Climate change talks

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