Ruth Tekle Andemariam smiles in a 2021 headshot. Her curly black hair is worn down and falls to nearly her shoulders. She wears small gold hoop earrings and a white blouse with a high pleated neck with orange and yellow flowers.
Natural Resources, Environmental and Climate Policy


About Ruth Tekle Andemariam

Ruth Tekle Andemariam is a research professional from Eritrea with over fifteen years of experience in designing, implementing, and assessing projects as well as managerial, supervisory, and project administrative skills. She has advanced knowledge in diverse research techniques ranging from pure environmental research to social dynamics. She has undertaken various projects in Eritrea including social and environmental impact assessment (SEIA) studies for mining projects, as well as health, education assessments, and water and sanitation monitoring surveys.

Ms. Andemariam holds a master's degree in Development Economics from the University of Western Cape in South Africa and a bachelor's degree from the University of Asmara in Eritrea. She has also taken further post-graduate courses in Sustainable Development at the Blekinge Institute of Technology in Sweden, Gender Studies at the International Training Center of the International Labor Organization in Italy, and training on Water and Sanitation in India.

Eritrea is located in the semi-arid part of East Africa, on the edge of the Sahel belt.  Moreover, drought and conflicts have devastated the country environmentally leading to acute desertification, deforestation, and soil erosion. As a Humphrey Fellow, Ms. Andemariam hopes to learn more culturally appropriate policy intervention to curb the effects of climate change, expand her knowledge on tools used in climate change mitigation, renewable energy use, and water resource management.

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Available for:

  • Speaking on technical topics (social and environmental research)
  • Speaking on culture
  • Formal and informal meetings with student groups
  • Meeting with individual professors/ research experts

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