Tendayi Godfrey Macharaga

Humphrey Portrait
  • Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program

  • Zimbabwe

  • 2002-03

Mr. Macharaga works as a management consultant to ICFU, a farmer organization, and international NGOs in agribusiness and rural development. He designs, develops and delivers competency-based business management courses to the farming community and SMEs. During his Humphrey year, Mr. Macharaga will focus on business management, leadership, rural development and HIV/AIDS. He is also interested in the formation and running of associations/cooperatives and experiencing the art of negotiating and lobbying to benefit members. Mr. Macharaga is a competency-based practitioner and holds an advanced degree in management from the University of Derby in the United Kingdom.

Position Title
Management Consultant for Indigenous Commercial Farmers Union and International NGOs

Program Type