Sergey Vassilyev posed for a headshot in 2021. He has short blonde hair that is neatly styled. He wears a black blazer, white collared shirt, and navy blue tie.
Natural Resources, Environmental and Climate Policy


About Sergey Vassilyev

Sergey Vassilyev holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the Al Farabi Kazakh National University, Kazakhstan, and a master’s degree in Environmental and Natural Resource Economics from the University of Birmingham, United Kingdom, where he studied through a Chevening Scholarship.

Mr. Vassilyev has almost 15 years of professional experience, working for private and state-owned organizations, mainly dealing with the implementation of investment projects and corporate transactions in oil, gas, renewable energy, mining, and industrial waste reprocessing. From 2012 to 2013, Mr. Vassilyev assisted the Environmental Ministry of Kazakhstan in establishing local legislation to support the development of renewable energy sources, which enabled the rapid development of solar and wind generating capacities in the country. Starting in 2016 and before his fellowship at UC Davis, Mr. Vassilyev had worked on the sustainable development of a large mining company in Eastern Kazakhstan and led a successful lake restoration project in Almaty City. In June 2017, he established a not-for-profit organization to address climate change challenges in the Almaty region with a major focus on the protection of limited water resources.

As a Humphrey Fellow at UC Davis, Mr. Vassilyev plans to enhance his knowledge in the regulation and protection of inland and underground waters. His professional and research interests also include market-based instruments required for the acceleration of public and private investment in conservation projects.

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Available for:

  • Share his experiences of involving local communities to the lake restoration project in Kazakhstan
  • Discuss issues about conservation and market-based financial instruments
  • Meeting with peers and visiting parks and protected areas

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