Humphrey Portrait

Deputy Consultant at the Bureau of Environmental Supervision in the Ministry of Environmental Protection in China

  • Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program
  • 2016-17
  • China

Ms. Xiao has an LLM in Environmental and Natural Resources Protection Law and nine years of experience working in the field of environmental enforcement for central and local environmental protection agencies in China. Her career focus is on designing and enforcing policies to standardize the governments’ law enforcement behaviors, encourage public participation, and strengthen enterprises’ self-supervision. She is also very interested in the environmental education field and has engaged in work to help promote environmental education in rural areas.

During her fellowship year, Ms. Xiao’s main focus will be on learning about the U.S. environmental law system, including the way it was established and efficiently maintained. In addition, she will explore collaborative mechanics to promote environmental law enforcement from government, enterprise, and public perspectives, respectively. How to encourage more enterprises to comply with environmental laws voluntarily, and how to improve public participation are two central questions which are very important for China to answer in order to increase efficiency and reduce the cost of environmental law enforcement.

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