Coordinator for the Agriculture Certification Program IMAFLORA

  • Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program
  • 2011-12
  • Brazil

Marina Piatto has a degree in Agronomic Engineering from São Paulo State University in Brazil and she holds a Masters degree in Tropical Agriculture from Bonn University in Germany with an emphasis on Organic Agriculture. Since 2005, Ms. Piatto has been working at Imaflora, a Brazilian NGO, as a Coordinator of the Agriculture Certification Program, where she is responsible for coordinating agricultural certification in Brazil and Argentina. Her work involves the certification of farms, groups of small producers and industries under international standards based on good agriculture practices, environmental conservation and human rights. Ms. Piatto represents Imaflora in international technical meetings to improve and develop certification standards systems under the Sustainable Agriculture Network, a coalition of social and environmental NGOs that link certified farmers with responsible consumers by means of the Rainforest Alliance seal. She develops training courses for lead auditors and is also involved in projects and forums setting standards for the sustainable production of coffee, tea, cattle and other tropical crops.

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