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TA Language Requirement App (TALRA)

The TA Language Requirement App is a database that shows whether students have met the TA/AI Language Proficiency Requirement. Students should use TALRA to check their status, and staff/faculty should use TALRA to check a student's status before hiring them as a TA/AI.

TALRA Frequently Asked Questions

  • I'm planning to attend UC Davis in the future, but I'm not an active student yet. Can I use TALRA?
  • No, TALRA pulls information from student databases, so only active students can use it. If you are an incoming student, you should have access a few weeks before your first quarter.
  • TALRA says that I haven't met the TA/AI language requirement, but I think I have. Do I have to take the TOEP?
  • If you answered the questions in TALRA accurately and it says you have not met the requirement, then you have not met the requirement and should take TOEP to determine your eligibility.
  • I'm a staff/faculty member and can't find my students in TALRA. What can I do?
  • You can search for your students using the search function in TALRA, but if you can't find them, it's likely because they haven't used TALRA yet. Since students need to answer some supplemental questions when they open TALRA for the first time, students who haven't used TALRA yet are not included in the database until they use TALRA. Ask your student to open TALRA from this website.
  • My university lists English and another language on WHED, but my program was done exclusively in English. Can I submit a document showing that?
  • No, your university must have English listed as the only language of instruction to qualify.
  • How do I add my TOEP scores to show I've met the requirement?
  • Your scores will be updated in TALRA automatically.