Students sitting outside at a picnic table

Why Participate?

Help Make a Welcoming Community

UC Davis is a diverse, inclusive institution that encourages its students to strive to understand and learn from the world around them. The Pal Program will connect you with students from a wide variety of cultural, linguistic, and educational backgrounds. Regular events also provide an opportunity for participants to socialize with other students interested in international topics.

Add New Skills to Your Résumé

Intercultural communication is an absolutely essential skill for job seeking graduates, and not just for those pursuing international-related fields. What better way to learn more about another culture’s etiquette or values than befriending someone from that place? 

Make a New Friend

College is a time to discover new aspects of yourself and forge relationships that may last a lifetime. Becoming a Pal is an opportunity to meet people who share the same curiosity about culture, language, and traveling. You may be surprised to learn how much you and your partner have in common!

Earn Course Credit

Any student eligible to earn UC Davis course credit can earn one unit of EDU 198 credit by meeting with two Pals for a total of two hours a week. In addition, you will have access to an online intercultural assessment tool to track your personal growth.

What PALs Say:

"The Pal program has definitely enriched my college experience because I have met so many wonderful people from all around the world."

“I have always wanted to study abroad myself but never made the move because I was scared of living somewhere out of my comfort zone. After getting to know my Pals, I want to go study abroad even more. I think being in another country will broaden my views of what life has to offer.”

“My Pals have become my really good friends. I hope to continue my friendships with them, even when the quarter ends, and with technology these days, I think this is possible.”