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O Theophilus P Baah is an agronomist, researcher and agriculture development practitioner with over 12 years’ practical experience in farming systems research, value-chain development, and agriculture extension service delivery. He currently works with the Ministry of Agriculture in Liberia as an agronomist and soil scientist involved in the identification and development of low-cost agronomic techniques for improving resource use efficiency in smallholder crop and livestock production systems. O Theophilus earned a bachelor’s degree in Agriculture from the University of Liberia and two postgraduate degrees, one in Agronomy from the Punjab Agricultural University in India and another in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security from Newcastle University in the United Kingdom. He is interested in farming systems research that supports the development of efficient management practices for soil, water, and other natural resources as a pathway to sustainable agriculture development. Upon the completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Theophilus aspires to continue research into the development of low-cost, adaptable technologies for enhancing the productivity of smallholder farmers in sub-Saharan Africa.

Last updated: 2019

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