Yuckmila Chooneea Headshot

Yuckmila Chooneea has more than eight years of experience in plant health protection, plant biosecurity research, and policy implementation. Yuckmila refined her passion for plant health while working with the Ministry of Agro Industry and Food Security, later going on to receive her master’s degree in Agricultural Science from the University of Queensland, Australia. There, Yuckmila received the Australian Awards Scholarship for her work. Yuckmila has dedicated herself to promoting accountable and transparent implementation of plant quarantine policies and regulations facilitating global trade of agricultural commodities. Currently she is posted at the National Plant Protection Office in Mauritius. Lending her expertise, Yuckmila also serves in the Pesticide Regulatory Office in Mauritius. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Yuckmila plans to continue her work advancing research and policy implementation to strengthen the plant health sector in Mauritius. She also hopes to build valuable networks and professional connections with fellows from the public sector to foster increased cooperation and growth within and across their respective fields.


Last updated: 2019


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