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Evelyn Habumugisha Mugisha is an Architect and Project Manager with wide ranging experience in architectural design, and managing portfolios of construction and energy projects both in Europe and Uganda. She has been practicing in East Africa for nine years, including executing projects in post conflict areas and remote locations for diverse clientele in the public and private sector. Evelyn works at UMEME Ltd., the largest electricity distribution company in Uganda, as Portfolio Manager for CAPEX projects within the Capital and Contracts Division. As Portfolio Manager, she provides technical and program support services for the CAPEX program. Evelyn's dreams to provide every household and school in Africa access to safe and clean energy. It is her long term goal to develop strategies to facilitate rural electrification. This would improve livelihoods and increase the gross domestic product of economies with cross sectoral benefits in health, agriculture, education, water and information and communication technology. With combined experience in construction and the energy sectors she established Green Energy Enterprises (GREET) Ltd. as a social enterprise in response to the energy shortage in Uganda. GREET works with communities, schools and businesses to scale up renewable energy generation and put local power in the hands of local people. GREET is poised to start a revolution in the way energy is developed and utilized in Uganda.

Last updated: 2017

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