Swaray Headshot

  • Mandela Washington Fellowship
  • 2018-19
  • Sierra Leone
Abubakarr Swaray is a determined and results-oriented leader, guided by teamwork and the ability to learn and work under difficult circumstances. Swaray has over two years of experience in water quality, biodiversity monitoring, and climate change education. He is currently the assistant water quality and biodiversity monitor at the Bumbuna Watershed Management Authority and the head of advocacy for the Sierra Leone chapter of ATO-ClimatEducate Africa. He holds a Bachelor of Science with honors in Environmental Management and Quality Control and Master of Science in the same discipline from Njala University in Sierra Leone. Swaray wants to broaden his skill set to become an established environmental scientist and build his professional record, conducting important research and making recommendations that improve water management and conservation. His goal is to become a leading environmental scientist and change maker in Sierra Leone, focusing on water resource management and the associated socio-economic problems. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, he will focus on improving the flow of scientific data and research to policymakers, by partnering with government and non-governmental organizations. He hopes to contribute to accountable and sustainable environment and water resources management decision making.

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