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Guidelines for Agreements of Cooperation with International Institutions

In an increasingly interconnected world, the University of California, Davis, and Global Affairs recognize the value of international, collaborative research, teaching, exchange, and service. As such, we actively engage in partnering with universities, research institutions, NGOs, and government agencies worldwide in order to facilitate a variety of intellectual interactions and exchanges. 

UC Davis currently has over 150 active Agreements of Cooperation and Working Agreements (Memoranda of Understanding) with international partner institutions across more than 45 countries. Most of these agreements are at the initiative of faculty members.

Agreement of Cooperation

The term Agreement of Cooperation refers to a general, non-binding agreement to collaborate or cooperate.

Working Agreement

The term Working Agreement refers to specific agreements that follow the implementation of an Agreement of Cooperation. These working agreements generally outline the specifics, logistics or details of a particular collaborative effort. Working Agreements are signed by the college or school dean or a designate within the department or unit who is responsible for ensuring any resource commitment is available as outlined within the text of the Working Agreement.

To encourage such collaborations the following guidelines should be observed when pursuing such international agreements:

  • All proposed Agreements of Cooperation must utilize the standard UC Davis Agreement of Cooperation form (November 2016) obtained from Office of Vice Provost and Associate Chancellor, Global Affairs website or by phone at (530) 754-9707.
  • For each Agreement of Cooperation, an active UC Davis faculty member and a partner institution faculty member will be identified as the primary contacts.
  • All proposed Agreements of Cooperation and Working Agreements must be routed for review to the Global Affairs Office of Vice Provost and Associate Chancellor.
    • That office may confer with staff in the Office of the Vice Chancellor of Research, the Office of the Vice Provost of Undergraduate Studies, the Dean of Graduate Studies or other UC Davis departments and resources regarding revisions to the standard Agreement of Cooperation language.
  • An Agreement of Cooperation is finalized when the head of the partner institution and the Global Affairs Vice Provost and Associate Chancellor sign two originals of the Agreement. 
    • Each institution will retain one signed original for their record.
  • The Agreement of Cooperation should be supplemented by Working Agreements with colleges, schools, departments, etc. provided:
    • (1) the Agreement of Cooperation has been properly executed; and
    • (2) the Global Affairs Vice Provost and Associate Chancellor has reviewed the proposed Working Agreement(s).
  • The appropriate UC Davis dean(s) and his counterpart(s) in the partner institution must sign two original specific working agreements. The dean has signature authority for these arrangements and may choose to include the signatures of the appropriate department chair(s) and/or director(s).
  • The dean's authorization of a Working Agreement (denoted by the dean’s signature) confirms the college or school’s responsibility for ensuring any resource commitment is available at the appropriate school, college, department or unit level as outlined within the text of that agreement.
  • Every two years, on February 1, the UC Davis primary contact shall provide Global Affairs with a brief report summarizing activity for the previous two years and plans for the remaining two years.

More Information

Contact Information

Please contact UC Davis Global Affairs at or (530) 754-9707 with questions related to international partnerships and agreements.

To search for current international agreements, by country, institution, department, college or school, visit our Global Affairs Agreements of Cooperation Database.

Templates and Forms

Sample Working Agreements

Examples of working agreements for College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences can be requested from Associate Dean Prof. Jan Hopmans at and for School of Veterinary Medicine from Associate Dean Dr. Patricia Conrad at or Paulina Zielinska at