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Supporting our International Community During Difficult Times

UC Davis Global Affairs launches Global Community Emergency Fund crowdfunding campaign to help scholars and students in need

This past year, we have witnessed many natural disasters and human-made crises, including those in Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Ethiopia, Haiti, Iran, Myanmar, Philippines and Ukraine. Many long-term, tragic struggles have also continued, such as those in Congo, Lebanon, Somalia, South Sudan and Yemen, to name a few. These disasters and crises have destroyed the livelihoods and hopes of many and have impacted numerous students and scholars at UC Davis. 

“UC Davis is a global university, welcoming more than 10,000 international students and scholars each year. These international students and scholars are an invaluable part of our community,” said Joanna Regulska, vice provost and dean of UC Davis Global Affairs. “Unfortunately, some of them have been impacted by disasters and crises around the world and they require critical support. This is why we launched the UC Davis Global Community Emergency Fund in 2021.”

Funds donated to the Global Community Emergency Fund support immediate and essential needs for UC Davis community members, including housing assistance, transportation, utilities, and other basic living expenses and/or educational expenses. Donations can be made at the campaign website

The Global Community Emergency Fund is run by a team from across UC Davis including School of Law Associate Dean Beth Greenwood, and from Global Affairs Vice Provost and Dean Joanna Regulska, Associate Vice Provost Michael Lazzara and Senior Immigration Advisor Kim Haky. This team works together to distribute funds and notably was able to double the impact of donations made last year by leveraging matching funding opportunities and working with numerous organizations. 

“Our most urgent need at this time is to support UC Davis students, scholars and their families affected by crises, and to be ready for when the next disaster strikes,” said Greenwood. “A gift of any size can bring help, security, aid, stability and hope to our UC Davis global community.”

The UC Davis Global Community Emergency Fund campaign runs until October 31 and has a goal of raising at least $5,000. For more information on this Fund and how to support its efforts, contact Ali Loge,

This article was initially published in the Davis Enterprise. 

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