Barbara Kumi stands outside in a shaded area in front of windows wearing a patterned sleeveless tunic in yellow, black, red, green and blue, and a red pencil skirt. Her hands are clasped in front of her and a black sash with the Ghana flag is draped over her left forearm.
Barbara Kumi (Ghana, 2022) is an assistant spatial planning officer optimizing land use by preparing zoning to support communities.

Meet Barbara Kumi, 2022 Mandela Washington Fellow

Meet Barbara Kumi

What motivates you? 

About Barbara Kumi

Pronouns: she/hers

Country: Ghana

Occupation: Assistant Spatial Planning Officer

FieldPlan preparation for national, regional, urban and rural areas to ensure the judicious and optimum use of land by preparing zoning schemes for communities; structure plans and spatial development frameworks for regions, sub-regions and districts.

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I am motivated by fulfillment, which I interpret as an inner and greater sense of satisfaction that I strive to achieve daily in my work and life; and to reach out to help others and give back to society.

What drew you to your professional field?

I have always been interested in physical geography as a child. As I grew up, I got to know different aspects of geography and my attention shifted to the built environment specifically: the relationships and interplays of different aspects of urban variables in infrastructure, economic and social growth. Spatial planning gives me the opportunity to practice in a geographical field while contributing to the resolution of urban challenges.

What is something from your country that you would like to share with the UC Davis community?

I would love to represent my country by sharing all things Ghanaian (food, culture, dance and history). In addition, I will be glad to share the Akan culture; especially the folklore, mythology, family and clan structure, naming, and symbols.

How would you like to engage with UC Davis and the community here?

I would like to be actively involved in campus events, and to learn about the culture and the unique field of UC Davis as an agriculture, environment and energy stalwart in the United States. I am particularly interested in the sustainable design of campus as a green, walkable and cyclable location. I also hope to engage with and learn from the Davis community through community service.


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