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The #MeToo Movement as a Global Learning Moment

June 11, 2018
This article places the #MeToo movement within the context of global learning. Given the global nature of sexual harassment, sexual assault, and violence against women, it asks what responsibilities we have as international educators. It raises numerous questions that can be utilized as teaching tools—and it proposes that institutions rethink internationalization strategies and seize this moment of opportunity to create an inclusive and diverse environment conducive to advancing intercultural and intracultural understanding.

Can Seaweed Cut Methane Emissions on Dairy Farms?

May 24, 2018
Seaweed may be the super food dairy cattle need to reduce the amount of methane they burp into the atmosphere. Early results from the research of Ermias Kebreab, animal science professor and Sesnon Endowed Chair in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences and associate vice provost in Global Affairs at the University of California, Davis, indicate that just a touch of the ocean algae in cattle feed could dramatically cut greenhouse gas emissions from California’s 1.8 million dairy cows.

European Association for International Education (EAIE): In Conversation with Joanna Regulska

April 15, 2018
Joanna Regulska is Vice Provost and Associate Chancellor of Global Affairs at University of California, Davis, where she is also a professor of Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies. Joanna has established gender studies programmes at multiple European institutions. Her gender studies research focuses heavily on Europe and the Caucasus, making her the perfect fit for our issue on gender in internationalisation.