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New Policy Requires Registration of International Travel

By Dateline Staff, Strategic Communications

"UC Davis has enacted a new policy on international travel, laying out the campus’s registration requirement for trips abroad and setting rules for “high-risk” travel. The policy aims to promote the safety and security of UC Davis travelers abroad and ensure that appropriate risk mitigation procedures are applied to “high-risk” travel.

The policy, as listed in the UC Davis Policy and Procedures Manual: Chapter 300, Travel and Transportation; Section 32, International Travelhas two major components:

  • All international travel on university business must be registered.
  • "High-risk" travel is subject to review.

The campus’s travel security manager cited some of the benefits of trip registration: Travelers receive customized, location-specific alerts to mitigate weather, health, security and transportation disruptions; access to important travel insurance and emergency contact information; and timely responses — to include emergency evacuation — in the event of medical or security-related incidents.

Trip registration is automatic for travel arrangements made through AggieTravel (Connexxus). For reservations made outside of AggieTravel (Connexxus), travelers must register through UC Away. “It’s a simple process that takes one minute or less,” the travel security manager said.

More details, including an updated list of “high-risk” destinations and procedures for submitting proposed travel itineraries to such destinations, can be found on Global Affairs’ International Travel Policy webpage."

Read the full piece at UC Davis News.

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