Delegation from Singapore and UC Davis leadership

UC Davis Hosts Delegation from Singapore

Industry, Government and Academia Discuss Ways to Enhance Food Security

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  • The University of California, Davis welcomed Gan Kin Young, Singapore’s Minister of Trade and Industry, on September 7, 2022, for a day-long exploration of key agriculture and aquaculture topics.

The University of California, Davis welcomed Gan Kin Young, Singapore’s Minister of Trade and Industry, on September 7, 2022, for a day-long exploration of key agriculture and aquaculture topics. UC Davis leadership, faculty, and government officials, and industry representatives with ties to UC Davis and Singapore discussed vertical farming, cultivated proteins and aquaculture as they relate to advancing food security. These discussions lay the groundwork for future collaborations that are mutually beneficial to UC Davis, Singapore, and regional, national and global social, environmental and economic interests.

“With a growing population and the looming impacts of climate change, the need for science to support food production has never been greater,” said Gary S. May, chancellor of UC Davis. “As a top-tier public research university, UC Davis is committed to extending the benefits of our research throughout California and around the world.”

A More Resilient Food Future

Most of Singapore’s food is imported and can be easily disrupted by economic and supply chain issues. The government of Singapore is working to ensure food security by enhancing local production and reducing reliance on food imports. The country’s goal of ’30 by 30’ aims to build its agri-food industry’s capability and capacity to produce 30% of the country’s nutritional needs locally and sustainably by 2030.

To overcome land and resource constraints, Singapore is advancing technology and developing innovative ways to increase production. The government is also exchanging ideas and exploring partnerships with key institutions around the world.

Showcasing UC Davis Strengths and Partnerships

UC Davis is a top university in agriculture and forestry, food science and veterinary medicine and has a thriving culture of innovation and entrepreneurship. It also is a leader in food systems and sustainability research. Several key research areas include smart farming, vertical farming, cultivated meat and alternative proteins, and global nutrition.

Faculty in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, from the departments of Plant Sciences, Animal Science, and Viticulture and Enology, shared some of their research and perspectives. Professor David Block also provided a tour of the Robert Mondavi Institute for Wine and Food Science, showcasing UC Davis’ research infrastructure and key labs driving food research.

Singapore is a leader in cultivated meats and UC Davis has over 50 researchers working on this important research topic for the future of food security. UC Davis also works with several companies in Singapore and two companies, Turtle Tree and ESCO Aster, shared information about their work and partnership with UC Davis as it relates to market expansion. Scott Powell, executive vice president of the Greater Sacramento Economic Council spoke during the visit as well, emphasizing the importance and impact that partnerships among academia, government and industry can have.

Laying the Groundwork for Further Collaboration

This visit and exchange are part of a growing relationship between UC Davis and Singapore. Singapore and UC Davis have a long and productive history, with exchanges of undergraduate and graduate students and scholars, over 250 co-authored publications, a strong alumni network, and several signed Agreements of Cooperation.

“It is exciting when different stakeholders from government, business and higher education come together. When we join forces, we can help to solve complex problems and work for the greater public good,” said Joanna Regulska, vice provost and dean of Global Affairs. “Our conversations in Davis and in Singapore are laying the groundwork for collaborations that address critical global challenges. I look forward to continued partnership among Singapore, UC Davis and the greater Sacramento region.”

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