Study Abroad

Studying abroad broadens horizons, offers unique opportunities

July 07, 2019
Studying abroad gives students the opportunity to explore different cultures, see the world in different ways and broaden their horizons. Traveling to a different country and navigating life as a foreign student presents amazing opportunities, unforgettable experiences and incredible challenges, each of which are reasons to consider studying abroad.

Global Experiences Take Students to All 7 Continents

May 23, 2019
Global academic projects and internships, study abroad, and international research do more than help you to reach your academic goals. They also broaden your horizons through exposure to hands-on experiences and new cultures in diverse settings. At UC Davis, students are gaining skills and partnering with collaborators in all corners of the world.

UC Davis to launch Global Learning Hub

May 22, 2019
UC Davis has announced it will launch a Global Learning Hub in Fall 2019 to help with its ambitious goal of providing all UC Davis students with international and intercultural learning experiences before graduation.

The Right Blend

May 09, 2019
Morning coffee is a part of many daily routines –– but with coffee shops on every corner in metropolitan areas, we tend to take coffee for granted. However, UC Davis students enrolled in the online Just Coffee course are getting a new, globally-conscious perspective on the caffeinated beverage.

New Global Learning Hub Launching Fall 2019 at UC Davis

May 07, 2019
The Global Learning Hub is envisioned as a locus of the UC Davis commitment for Global Education for All and will link programming and resources across campus that support student access to global learning.

Study Abroad Led a Biotech Major toward International Work

March 28, 2019
Budding photographer Matthew Dea has a passion for traveling. He’s also a senior at UC Davis majoring in biotechnology with a minor in linguistics. His passion for travel led him to study abroad in South Africa — in the Fall 2018 UC Education Abroad Program (UCEAP).

Big Ideas: Connecting Across Continents

March 20, 2019
As UC Davis prepares students for an increasingly interconnected and interdependent world, the university has a new vision to provide a meaningful global education to all students, regardless of financial circumstances, ability to travel or other considerations.

LAURELS: Oaxaca Program Tabbed as ‘Diversity Champion

March 05, 2019
The Latinx Health Internship Program, a partnership between UC Davis Study Abroad (a unit of Global Affairs) and Child Health Family International, has been named “Diversity and Inclusion Champion” in international education for 2019.

UC Davis 2019 EDIIE Awards recipients revealed

February 22, 2019
University of California, Davis will receive the Diversity & Inclusion Champion for its partnership with Child Family Health International, which includes 180-hour clinical internships in hospitals in Oaxaca, Mexico, while students improve the fluency of their Spanish.