Reminder of International Travel Policy for Summer Travel

With UC Davis students, faculty, and staff actively studying, researching, and collaborating worldwide, campus is committed to providing critical travel security resources and tips for UC Davis travelers—from pre-trip preparation and registration to real-time updates and responses—to mitigate the impact of unexpected weather, health, and security incidents.

In the summer months in particular, as international travel rates increase, UC Davis travelers are reminded to abide by the international travel policy established by UC Davis in 2018, which aims to promote the safety and security of travelers and to ensure appropriate risk mitigation procedures are applied to “high-risk” travels.

International Travel Policy Requirements

  1. Registration of trips outside the U.S.
  2. Approval for trips to High Threat Countries

Please note: Trip registration is automatically included for trips booked through AggieTravel (Connexxus). If you book your travel elsewhere, you’ll need to register through UC Away, which takes about a minute.

At no cost, trip registration provides UC Davis travelers and companions traveling on university business with comprehensive benefits, including emergency evacuation, medical care, travel alerts, and reimbursement for property loss and trip delays.

Registration takes less than a minute and provides travelers with critical, location-specific travel updates, important insurance information, and ensures timely response in the event of a crisis anywhere in the world. “Last year, during a trip, I experienced a medical emergency,” shared UC Davis Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor Ralph J. Hexter. “I always register my trip and am more conscious than ever of the need to have a communications plan in place.”

International Travel Resources

Registering travel and utilizing travel tips and resources puts in place extra protections that alert you to an impending emergency or help you during a potential emergency.

UC Davis Global Affairs supports international travelers at all stages of their trips, including with trip planning. “At any point, UC Davis has over 400 students, faculty and staff members on business in other countries, and the number of international travelers spikes to over 1,000 during the summer months,” said AJ Leeds, travel security manager in Global Affairs. “My focus is on helping those travelers proactively take steps to ensure a safe trip and supporting them as needed until they return.”

For support related to the safety and security of your travel plans, please contact Global Affairs Travel Security at 530-752-4129 or travelsecurity@ucdavis.edu. Find more information, including about the policy, trip registration, and travel resources and tips, on the Global Affairs Travel webpages

Additional Travel Resources

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