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Travel Reminder: Be Aware of Travel Risks During the Holiday Season

Be Aware of Travel Risks During the Holiday Season

Travelers over the holiday season should be aware of the increased risk of crime and protest activity, particularly where there are large crowds that gather in public places or fill transportation hubs.

Travelers should:

  • avoid displays of wealth in public such as smart phones and other expensive electronics;
  • increase their situational awareness; and
  • be aware that there is also an increase in risk of major crimes such as assault or terrorism during the holiday travel season.

Key Reminders

  • Protest activity will likely increase in a variety of locations as many groups will use the time off from work to protest.
  • Protest activity will often cause localized transportation delays.
  • Travelers should avoid protests and maintain awareness through local media for any ongoing issues.
  • UC Davis travelers are reminded to register their trips, which is required per UC Davis policy and provides customized, real-time travel updates and alerts.

Other Travel Disruption Reminders 

  • Be mindful of possible travel disruptions from weather or natural disasters. Weather disruptions can cause delays in areas not directly affected.
  • Travelers should confirm their flights are on time before leaving for the airport.
  • If directly impacted and assistance is required travelers should contact UnitedHealthcare Global, the UC Davis travel insurance provider.

Trip registration and insurance information

More Information

For additional questions or for country specific travel advice please contact A.J. Leeds, Traveler Security Manager, at or 530-752-4129.

For more updates, resources, and tips, visit the Travel Security webpages on the Global Affairs website. 

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