Engineering Graduate Students Travel to Germany for Biophotonics Exchange Program

By Noah Pflueger-Peters, College of Engineering

"Six UC Davis Ph.D. students from the Biomedical Engineering Graduate Group traveled to Jena, Germany this September for a weeklong summer school on clinical biophotonics. These students attended lectures, visited cutting-edge research labs and presented their research to their German peers and leading experts in the field while immersing themselves in German culture.

The summer school is the first major event of the Jena-Davis Alliance of Excellence in Biophotonics (JEDIS), a three-year joint program between UC Davis biomedical engineering professor Laura Marcu and Juergen Popp of the Leibniz Institute of Photonic Technology (IHPT) in Jena, Germany. The alliance brings together the clinical expertise of UC Davis and the technological expertise of IPHT to share resources and promote the development of new photonic devices and applications.

“This is a genuine collaboration,” said Marcu Lab member Brent Weyers. “Not only do we exchange ideas, but we actually exchange people in the lab group now and then to capitalize on expertise from both institutions.”

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