Rosalind Christian Receives Chancellor’s Award for International Engagement

Chancellor's Awardees with Chancellor

By Holly Ober, Biomedical Engineering

"Rosalind Christian has been selected as the staff awardee of the 2018 Chancellor’s Award for International Engagement. She was presented with the award at the UC Davis Global Affairs’ annual International Connections Reception on March 2.

Through her service to students as an undergraduate advisor in biomedical engineering, Rosalind Christian exemplifies the role of department advisors in making Global Education for All possible through study abroad programs for undergraduates in STEM fields. Aside from short-term, faculty-led summer programs, it is not easy for engineers to work time abroad into their schedule during the academic year. The UC system offers incredible opportunities to spend time at top-tier institutions such as National University of Singapore, Tsinghua University, and King’s College London, but these opportunities are rarely taken by engineering students because of the inflexibility of their academic schedule, complexity of the application and course approval process, and lack of support from knowledgeable advisors."

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