Global Affairs Strategic Plan 2023-28. Toward a Just, Resilient and Interconnected World. Photo of the UC Davis International Center with students in front.

UC Davis Global Affairs Releases Five-Year Strategic Plan

Global Affairs at the University of California, Davis, released its 2023-28 strategic plan that creates a five-year roadmap for the unit. For over a year, staff committees, with representatives from across Global Affairs, worked together to develop a framework for the unit’s future. Input and feedback were solicited from all staff via town hall meetings and online opportunities. 

“I want to acknowledge and thank everyone who came together to reflect on our past and present work, engage with others and create a path forward,” said Joanna Regulska, vice provost and dean of UC Davis Global Affairs. “We envision a UC Davis community that engages, thrives and leads in a just, resilient and interconnected world. As we implement our goals and objectives over the next five years, we will leverage our talented staff and existing programs and services to build on what we already do successfully and pursue our mission-focused work in new ways, advancing global curiosity, understanding and engagement.” 

To achieve its mission and vision, Global Affairs is pursuing four strategic goals:

  • Goal 1 - Bridge diverse communities through dialogue to establish a strong foundation for action. 
  • Goal 2 - Model transformational global collaborations that are intersectional, transdisciplinary and equity-focused. 
  • Goal 3 - Develop globally-minded, inclusive leaders to help solve the world’s pressing challenges. 
  • Goal 4 - Position Global Affairs for sustainable growth in a constantly changing world. 


“Our strategic plan is a living document that will be regularly discussed, assessed and refined,” said Regulska. “We look forward to working with all our partners on and off campus to build a more just, resilient and interconnected world. Together, we will advance our work in critical ways for the benefit of all students, faculty and staff.” 

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