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Deciphering the truth from the rumors of UCPath’s impact on international student employee pay

(As of May 23, 2019)

International students employed by UC Davis can obtain a Social Security Number. The UC Davis Services for International Students and Scholars office can offer assistance – see the Services for International Students and Scholar advising webpage for more information.

International students can set up a checking account at some banks, including large banks with offices overseas that also have local branches in Davis. International students can do this with or without a Social Security number or an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) by using a passport or other form of government identification provided that the student goes in person to the local branch to open the checking account. Note: International students receiving disbursements from UC Davis (such as fellowship funds) who are not UC Davis employees should contact Services for International Students and Scholars (SISS) for help in obtaining an ITIN. 

International student employees can set up Direct Deposit. Setting up a checking account will allow international student employees at UC Davis to set up Direct Deposit if they choose to do so. Student employees can opt to continue receiving a paper paycheck. However, that check will arrive after payday since it is mailed from out-of-area on payday and is sent to the student’s permanent home address on file, not the student’s local address in Davis.

International student employees can sign up for a personalized pay card if the student has a Social Security number and their position’s bargaining unit, if any, has authorized the use of pay cards. Unfortunately, international student employees who do not have a Social Security number will not be able to obtain a personalized pay card. An ITIN is not acceptable to set up a personalized pay card.

International student employees will have access to emergency pay. Emergency pay cards will be available to all students who have Social Security numbers, including international students who have Social Security numbers. In the event there is a need for a significant adjustment to a student employee’s pay due to an underpayment situation, an emergency pay card can be requested from the UC Davis Payroll Office. Issuance of the emergency pay card will require a Social Security number as part of emergency pay card provisions. Students needing an emergency pay adjustment who do not have a Social Security number, will be paid by other means.

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