Professor John Harada
Last month, John Harada and others from UC Davis traveled to Japan for the NAIST Bio International Student Workshop. Glyn Noguchi

Biology Beyond Borders: Professor John Harada Receives Honorary Doctorate from NAIST for Decade of International Research Collaboration

By Greg Watry, College of Biological Sciences 

"Professor John Harada, Department of Plant Biology, was recently recognized by Japan’s Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST) with an honorary doctorate of science. The honor comes after over a decade of fruitful collaboration between the UC Davis College of Biological Sciences and NAIST. Working together, the institutions have created an international dialogue in the sciences through an exchange program for graduate students and faculty.

“I am tremendously honored to receive an Honorary Doctorate of Science from NAIST,” said Harada. “The efforts for which I was recognized reflect the contributions of many others at UC Davis, especially Professor JoAnne Engebrecht and Distinguished Professor Jim Trimmer, who are the co-organizers of the UC Davis side of the collaboration.”

Last month, Harada and others from UC Davis, including nine graduate students; Mark Winey, dean of the College of Biological Sciences; and Henry Ho, an assistant professor of cell biology and human anatomy, traveled to Japan for the NAIST Bio International Student Workshop. Students from NAIST, the Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology Chinese Academy of Sciences (IGDB) joined the week-long workshop."

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