Preserving Human Rights Archives in Peru: UC Davis Leads New Digitization Project to Safeguard an Endangered History

It was a single note that reached Angélica Mendoza de Ascarza after her son Arquímedes was taken from her home by soldiers in Peru’s military. In faint cursive on a scrap of deeply creased brown paper, he wrote that he was being held at an army barracks and asked her to find a lawyer and money and any way possible to get him to a trial.

The University of Sydney - University of California, Davis Ignition Grants

The University of Sydney - University of California, Davis Ignition Grants have been established to facilitate and support joint initiatives that will strengthen the two universities’ strategic priorities as well as develop multi-disciplinary innovative research to create academic and societal impact. The application for proposals is open from June 24 - August 2, 2024.

Emergency Medicine Team Trains Health Care Professionals in West Africa

A team from the UC Davis Health Department of Emergency Medicine is training providers in The Gambia to deliver health care using portable ultrasound equipment.

The crucial initiative aims to enhance the diagnostic capabilities of medical professionals in The Gambia and improve access to care. The training program focuses on diagnosing heart and lung conditions.

Coffee Across Borders

ECH 1 — "The Design of Coffee" may be one of the most popular electives on the UC Davis campus, but it has also gained popularity at Osaka University. Tonya Kuhl, chair of the UC Davis Department of Chemical Engineering and co-director of the Coffee Center research facility, has taught the class as a three-week intensive international exchange subject at the Japan-based college.