Global Affairs in the Media

Cultural Learning Across Borders: Four Models for Partnership Development

September 12, 2018
The complexities of today's world require multifaceted academic partnerships to reap greater benefits for diverse students, faculty, staff, and communities around the world, says Vice Provost and Associate Chancellor of Global Affairs Joanna Regulska in the Fall 2018 IIE Networker Magazine.

Adaku Ufere-Awoonor: My Mandela Washington Fellowship 2018 Experience

August 23, 2018
My work involves effecting social change, by exploring the relationship between energy access and gender-based violence through international development organizations, so I was placed in the Public Management track at the University of California, Davis. I had the most unique experiences of my life in the six weeks I spent there.

Brazilian high schoolers come to UCD to learn farming solutions

August 15, 2018
This summer, the UC Davis D-Lab offered a week-long, intensive design class to a group of Brazilian high school students as part of the International Development Innovation Network. Through this course, students learned the fundamentals of design by working with real clients to provide solutions with social and environmental impact.

The Wonder Plant That Could Slash Fertilizer Use

August 09, 2018
A team of researchers led by Alan Bennett from UC Davis has shown that the secret of the corn’s success lies in its aerial roots—necklaces of finger-sized, rhubarb-red tubes that encircle the stem. These roots drip with a thick, clear, glistening mucus that’s loaded with bacteria. Thanks to these microbes, the corn can fertilize itself by pulling nitrogen directly from the surrounding air.

Universitas 21 welcomes the University of California, Davis

August 02, 2018
Universitas 21 announces the University of California, Davis, as a new member of its leading global network of research-intensive universities. UC Davis becomes the twenty-seventh member of the network and the third member from the United States.

My Study Abroad Experience As A First-Gen College Student

July 25, 2018
Ricardo Martinez is a first-generation college student studying the complexities of US-Latin American relations. He wrote about his experience studying abroad in Brazil, explaining how to approach study abroad using examples from time in Brazil and his trips to Chile and Argentina.

UCD welcomes Mandela Fellows, focusing on public management

June 27, 2018
Arriving this past Thursday and staying through July 27, 24 Mandela Fellows from 17 countries will participate in a program through UC Davis Global Affairs which includes programming focused on public finance and planning, public relations and transparency, community engagement and policy evaluation.

The #MeToo Movement as a Global Learning Moment

June 11, 2018
This article places the #MeToo movement within the context of global learning. Given the global nature of sexual harassment, sexual assault, and violence against women, it asks what responsibilities we have as international educators. It raises numerous questions that can be utilized as teaching tools—and it proposes that institutions rethink internationalization strategies and seize this moment of opportunity to create an inclusive and diverse environment conducive to advancing intercultural and intracultural understanding.

A Cinderella story 16 years in the making

June 06, 2018
As an adolescent, Ogbu-Nwobodo came to the U.S. from Nigeria, in hopes of pursuing an education and becoming a doctor. Now, 16 years after graduating high school at the top of her class, the newly-minted UC Davis M.D. is heading to a residency at Harvard and Massachusetts General Hospital, with plans to practice psychiatry for the poor and underserved.