Latitude Dining Commons
The new Latitude Dining Commons. Photo: University of California

UC Davis dining facility celebrates diversity

By Will Nott, The PIE News

"The University of California has built a $34 million dining facility that offers international dishes from Indian shrimp curry to Tuscan kale and white bean soup in a bid to celebrate diversity and make overseas students “feel more at home”. 

Latitude Restaurant is situated on UC Davis, one of the University of California’s 10 campuses. It was opened in January this year after a 24 month building period. 

So far, the facility has provided a total of 300 dishes from regions around the world including Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, India, and Asia. 

Director of dining services for the university, Kraig Brady explained that Latitude was designed to celebrate the diverse culture of its campus community. 

“My idea was to find out how I make somebody from abroad feel more at home,” Brady told The PIE News

“Sometimes having something familiar makes you more comfortable and being from a different country a lot of our food that we serve is simply different from what international students are used to. 

So we thought that if we could offer them something more familiar it might make them more comfortable.”

Latitude has added 500 additional seats to student dining facilities and caters for a campus community that represents students from 113 countries."

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