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UC Davis Resources and Support for Our Community Impacted by the Crisis in Ukraine and in Other Regions of the World

We continue to closely follow reports of the recent Russian invasion in Ukraine and support UC Davis students, scholars, faculty, staff, partners and international visitors from Ukraine and other regions affected by violence and conflicts. We will always hope and wish for peace to prevail. As members of global society, we know all too well that war and conflict leave deep scars within our communities. The destruction devastates generations and historically fails to achieve any semblance of a positive outcome.

UC Davis is committed to supporting our campus community during what is, without question, a difficult time. As we have endured the COVID-19 global pandemic, so too shall we come together again in the face of new uncertainties.

UC Davis students, faculty, staff, and scholars are encouraged to pursue the resources available and learn about how UC Davis continues to support our local and global community impacted by the crisis in Ukraine and other regions of the world.  

UC Davis resources to assist students, scholars, faculty, staff and community members impacted by the crisis in Ukraine and surrounding regions

UC Davis students

  • You may find that talking to someone is helpful in processing everything you are going through. Make an appointment through Student Health and Counseling Services, which provides services to all registered students in the U.S.
  • The Slavic Association is a registered student organization supporting UC Davis students affected by the war in Ukraine. Visit their website to connect with them and learn about how they are supporting those affected by the crisis. 
  • UC Davis international students: Contact Services for International Students and Scholars (SISS) within Global Affairs by emailing siss@ucdavis.edu, and find your advisor’s contact information on the SISS website.

UC Davis faculty, staff and scholars

How UC Davis is supporting our local and global community impacted by the crisis in Ukraine and other regions of the world

  • Leadership from across UC Davis have shared messages of support, including the Chancellor’s monthly message, the Chancellor’s Statement on the Crisis in UkraineGlobal Affairs’ A Message About the Conflict in UkraineA Message from the UC Davis Health Chief Wellness Officer and A Message on the Ukraine Crisis from the UC Davis Health Office for Health Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.
  • UC Davis has created a Global Community Emergency Fund to provide direct support to members of the UC Davis community, including visiting scholars, students, faculty and their families, who have urgent and immediate financial needs related to natural disasters, humanitarian crises and other circumstances beyond their control.
  • UC Davis faculty and staff are very actively sharing expertise and commentary with news media and the public on various aspects of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Several articles are on our UC Davis news website
  • Services for International Students and Scholars (SISS) within Global Affairs has been in touch with Ukrainian students to let them know about external funding opportunities through the Institute of International Education (IIE) Emergency Student Fund, which are matched by UC Davis Global Affairs and UC Davis Student Affairs. In past times of conflict, many of our students have benefited from such opportunities to help reduce financial hardships.
  • UC Davis continues to encourage students and professionals to use Article 26 Backpack—situated within Global Affairs— to safeguard academic documents, diplomas, transcripts, professional certificates and credentials, and other sensitive materials from loss. We are actively working with Polish universities to spread awareness of Backpack and encourage sign-ups. In addition, article 26 Backpack will be available in Ukrainian, thanks to our staff members who have translated the written portion of the platform and IT staff.
  • UC Davis has hosted several events related to the crisis in Ukraine. Recent events include the Ukraine Health Panel on March 15, 2022, hosted by UC Davis Health and the Global Health office, the Crisis in Ukraine panel offered by the UC Davis School of Law on March 7, 2022, and The Backdrop podcast on the Destruction of Ukrainian Cultural Heritage that aired on April 1, 2022.
  • The Russian invasion of Ukraine represents a return of warfare to Europe on a scale not seen since the 1940s. What has motivated President Putin to take this action, and why now? What is the historical context for the relationship between Russia and Ukraine? What roles do media play in the conflict? UC Davis faculty experts share their perspectives during UC Davis Live: The Historical and Political Context of the Russian Invasion of Ukraine.
  • UC Davis is coordinating with the Institute of International Education’s Scholar Rescue Fund and Scholars at Risk to coordinate the placement of scholars once a list of vulnerable scholars has been developed.
  • UC Davis is gathering information from academic units about support for threatened scholars and displaced students to be registered on the Science for Ukraine platform. The available support includes:
    • Department of Political Science is offering “affiliate visiting scholar” status for a Ukrainian political scientist, including visa fees, office space, and library and other campus resources.
    • School of Medicine’s Global Health Division within the Department of Emergency Medicine sent an experienced disaster relief physician to the Poland-Ukraine border to help organize medical relief.
  • Several visiting Ukrainian scholars, postdoctoral scholars and graduate students were provided with support, including financial support, which allowed them to secure an extension of their appointments at UC Davis.
  • Since 1988, the City of Davis has been connected with its Sister City of Uman, Ukraine, a college town surrounded by thousands of miles of rich, flat farmland. You can learn more about their partnership on the City of Davis website. UC Davis is supporting this partnership.

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