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A Message About the Conflict in Ukraine

Dear UC Davis community,

We continue to closely follow reports of the recent invasion in Ukraine and are thinking of our students, scholars, faculty, staff, partners and all those affected by these events in the region and around the world. We will always hope and wish for peace to prevail. As members of global society, we know all too well that war and conflict leave deep scars within our communities. The destruction devastates generations and historically fails to achieve any semblance of a positive outcome.

UC Davis is committed to supporting our campus community during what is without question a difficult time. As we have endured the COVID-19 global pandemic, so too shall we come together again in the face of new uncertainties.

Please be encouraged to pursue these UC Davis resources, intended to assist students, scholars, faculty and staff:

  • UC Davis continues to work across multiple teams on campus to support you. As you are able and as relevant to your situation, you are encouraged to reach out to your professors or department supervisors and Services for International Students and Scholars (SISS) for support.
  • For students in the U.S.: You may find that talking to someone is helpful in processing everything you are going through. Make an appointment through Student Health and Counseling Services, which provides services to all registered students in the U.S.
  • For scholars, faculty, and staff in the U.S.: The Academic and Staff Assistance Program (ASAP) offers confidential and cost-free assessment, counseling, consultation, and referral services to all UC Davis and UC Davis Health faculty, staff, and families. For scholars located in Davis, please call (530) 752-2727 for an appointment. For scholars in Sacramento, please call (916) 734-2727 for an appointment.
  • UC Davis is encouraging Ukrainian students, professionals, and human rights advocates to use the UC Davis Backpack—situated within Global Affairs—to safeguard academic documents, diplomas, transcripts, professional certificates and credentials, and other sensitive materials from loss. 

All international students and scholars can contact Services for International Students and Scholars (SISS) within Global Affairs by emailing siss@ucdavis.edu, and you can find your advisor’s contact information on the SISS website.

We stand with you in community during this challenging time.

Joanna Regulska
Vice Provost and Dean, Global Affairs

Keisha Liggett-Nichols
Assistant Vice Provost, Global Affairs

Wesley Young
Director, Services for International Students and Scholars, Global Affairs

Keith David Watenpaugh
Director, Article 26 Backpack

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