Person using tablet to access Article 26 Backpack tool
In Lebanon over 1,000 young people are using the Backpack. Photo: Article 26 Backpack

Afghans urged to protect records and credentials

"Afghans are being urged to preserve their educational and professional records to ensure they can re-establish their lives if leaving the country.

University of California, Davis in the US is encouraging Afghans to use its cloud-based Article 26 Backpack to safely store records and credentials.

The institution is concerned that under Taliban control, Afghanistan will see the destruction of the country’s modern system of higher education, with access to academic and professional documentation being one area of “critical risk”.

It is likely that the Taliban will destroy academic records and limit or deny access to women or dissidents, altogether, UC Davis said. The risk is that without documents, displaced, at-risk and refugee young people will be unable to reconnect with educational and employment opportunities.

“Backpack is a way to safely curate, store and share all elements of an individual’s academic and career progress and preparation,” said Keith David Watenpaugh, professor and director, UC Davis Human Rights Studies, Article 26 Backpack.

“With Backpack we take an entire category of problems – document storage and safety – facing refugees and other displaced peoples off the table, while at the same time empowering refugees to use the tool to put forward the best case for themselves.”

The Backpack is available in five languages  – Arabic, Dari, English, French and Spanish – and used by more than 1,000 young people in the Middle East and North America."

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