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Programs continue to offer students opportunities and growth through remote platforms

By Nora Farahdel, The California Aggie

"While a majority of students spend the entirety of their college careers in Davis, many choose to participate in programs abroad and spend a duration of time learning in a new location. In the past, this might have meant learning beside the Eiffel Tower, the Lincoln Memorial or enjoying Italian gelato in between classes. Today, off-campus programs have switched to a new reality of remote functioning during a pandemic to create the same impactful experience from the comfort of each student’s bedroom. 

Despite the inability to conduct study abroad in person, the Global Learning Hub has provided students with a number of alternative programs to continue this learning and growth. For example, they have provided students with virtual internships and have introduced a Global Career Development Series. Zachary Frieders, the executive director of the Global Learning Hub, explained that the adjustment to remote learning has been an ongoing pursuit of adapting with the times. 

“At the start of the pandemic, our priority was to be as responsive as possible to needs and interests in this new environment,” Frieders said, via email. “We surveyed several thousand UC Davis students and received a strong response: students told us they were interested in remote internships, continuing to develop soft-skills, engaging with free opportunities, and continuing programs for credit.'" 

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