Ralph Hexter and Manfred Kollmeier at the Taj Mahal
Former UC Davis Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor and former Interim Chancellor Ralph J. Hexter (right) and his husband Manfred Kollmeier (left) established a new Global Aggie Award for LGBTQIA+ Rights.

US: UC Davis reveals LGBTQIA+ global award

By Viggo Stacey, The PIE News

"UC Davis in the US has launched a fund to support students to gain global learning experiences that advance LGBTQIA+ issues and address the needs and strengths of the community.

The Global Aggie Award for LGBTQIA+ Rights, launched thanks to former UC Davis provost and executive vice chancellor and former interim chancellor Ralph J. Hexter and his husband Manfred Kollmeier, aims to support the well-being and rights of the LGBTQIA+ community and raise awareness of the challenges it faces in countries across the globe.

“UC Davis is deeply committed to excellence in diversity, equity and inclusion and to building a more just world,” said Joanna Regulska, vice provost and dean of Global Affairs at the institution.

“We recognise that ensuring LGBTQIA+ individuals’ well-being and rights, both locally and globally, is critical. We’re also deeply committed to supporting and engaging our students in advancing these efforts through a variety of global experiences.

The institution’s Global Learning Hub in Global Affairs will manage student applications to a range of activities such as internships or projects with organisations promoting and addressing LGBTQIA+ well-being and/or rights, conduct research with a global dimension, or pursue other global learning opportunities centred on these issues.

“The fund will make a difference in the lives of many, now and in the future,” Regulska added

“Coming ourselves originally from different countries, we have always been aware that the pathways by which LGBTQIA+ people have come out, come together, and then formed communities vary widely around the world,” Hexter and Kollmeier said in a statement."

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