Wesley Young with students
Wesley Young speaks with students outside the UC Davis International Center. Bonnie Shea/Courtesy photo

Wesley Young helps international students feel at home

By Caleb Hampton, The Davis Enterprise

"Wesley Young earned his bachelor’s degree in political science at UC Davis and his Ph.D. in international relations at UC Berkeley. He has been with UC Davis Global Affairs since 2003. As Director of Services for International Students and Scholars, Young says his work falls into two main categories.

The first has to do with helping international students and scholars get visas to come to the U.S., stay legal while they are here, and have opportunities for work experience. “That’s a really important part of our office,” Young says. “International students need to be careful about staying legal, and we’re here to help with that.”

The second part of Young’s work is making students feel welcomed while they are at UC Davis. “We want to make students feel part of the community and feel at home,” Young says. To do that, Young says Global Affairs develops programs and events to help students navigate American academic culture."

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