Latitude dining

New Campus Eatery Features Global Menu

By Josephine Thornton, UC Davis Magazine

"Latitude, UC Davis’ newest dining commons, is a new take on campus cuisine.

A global focus guides the menus. Enter the sunlit building, located on Bioletti Way, and see four stations, each offering different cuisines. Visit the Latin American counter for tapado costeño, European for boeuf à la bourguignonne, Asian for miso soup, Middle Eastern and Indian for shawarma chicken. Each platform features a screen that displays the dishes available that day. The equipment located at each platform is as authentic as possible, like the rotisserie oven at the European station.

The eatery, which opened Jan. 15, seats 500 people and is open to the public, in addition to staff and students.

Latitude, a LEED Gold certified building, is intended to create an inclusive communal eating space, one that represents the diversity of UC Davis."

Read the full story at UC Davis Magazine.

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