Expanding worldviews, one summer at a time

By Marlys Jeane from The California Aggie

"Bhutan is said to be the happiest country in the world. Beginning this summer, students at UC Davis will have the opportunity to experience this place for themselves through a four-week study abroad program entitled Bhutan: Introduction to Geographic Information Systems.

“There’s a concept called Gross National Happiness […which] instead of measuring success on gross national product by how much economically you’re producing, Gross National Happiness is looking at a whole series of pillars on happiness including environmental well-being, psychological well-being, all those kinds of things including economic, education, all these different things,” said Karen Beardsley, the instructor of the Bhutan program and director of global professional programs for Global Affairs. “It’s called GNH and you hear it everywhere and it’s taken very seriously. The Bhutanese are very proud of GNH.”

The program, Bhutan: Introduction to Geographic Information Systems, is an abroad substitute for Landscape Architecture 150: Introduction to Geographic Information Systems, a four-unit course coupled with a 198 course for four units of pass/no pass credit."

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